#26 Gernot Groemer: ‘The people of Mars are already Born!’

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Meet Gernot Groemer, Director of Austrian Space Forum. The people who will inhabit Mars are living today in India, Europe and Amerika! His imagination, inspiration and drive for an almost unreachable goal is unlimitless and very contagious!

Together with hundreds of scientists and people from all professional and cultural backgrounds, Gernot is part of a team which manages Mars-missions all over the world. If we can dream it, if it is there we will go there.

How does his leadership work? How does he motivate people for something that might happen only in 10 to 20 years? What does it take to go to Mars? Technically but also humanly?

A very inspirational talk with ‘Elon Musk’ from Space!

Thank you Gernot for a wonderfully inspiring interview.

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