#6 Topcoach Karin Verhaest. A free rebellion!

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Life Stories with Karin Verhaest. A free spirit rebellion! Who Am I and what is the core of our being? As Co-author of the book Purpose, Karin reveales her magnificant story on finding her purpose in life, work, love and all aspects of life.

Twenty-two executive coaches from the Oxford Leadership compagny, everyone with deeply personal stories, gave birth to a refreshing and illuminating book called PURPOSE. Central topic: How decisions in life are shaping leadership journeys with purpose.

Be inspired by deeply resonating and heartfelt transformative experiences. We all have periods in life of a quest for meaning and purpose. This book; and Karin’s story gives you positive vibes and hope for a conscious and happy life.

These stories will show you many ways how to continuously enjoy life and being in alingment with your core values and beliefs despite misfortunes, disasters, sickness and many problems one can face in life.

Be inspired, be alive.

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