#83 Nick Mennell: ‘The underlying state of being of us all is unconditional love.’#

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#83: Nick Mennell is a former American actor, known for his stagework in Hollywood and television series. He was the owner of several marketing agecies. Sincee 2022 he is a certified consultant-in-training, where he educates businesses on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s method of changing organizations ‘from the inside out’.

In this podcast you will find out more about Nick’s lifeflow, the ups and downs, how he became the man who he is now, what were the key elements in his life and how he incorparates the the practices of meditation and creating the life you want.

How Nick became a famous actor:

‘I had a rolmodel, so I asked him everything I had to know. If you see some one that lives the life you want, go after him and ask him how he did it. Do that without any attachment to the outcome’. 

How he ended his acting career:

‘There was allways doubt during my career about acting, yet there was also allways a little voice in me that urged me to help people. I discovered that when I was continuously refusing acting jobs from my manager. ‘Do you stll want to be an actor? He asked.”

When he wanted to become a monk he asked himself:

‘If I was able to write my own story, which story did I want write about me? Do I want to leave the material world and live in a cave as a monk or do I want to combine a material life and bring more consciousness in the world?’ During meditation he got the insights.

Last but not least:

If you overintend, you will have a hard time, 
if you oversurrender, you will give up.
Balance is the way.

You get more inspiration and teachings about serendipity, synchronisity, and detachment. Nick also explains what is means to be in connection with a higher consciousness and how that cocreate our lifes.

Enjoy the podcast

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