#85 Aegir Ingolfsson: ‘I got my freedom thanks to Quantum Intelligence’.

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#85 Aegir Ingolfsson. How do men become true men? Healthy men that can handle both their firm side and their soft side. Their dreams emotions and feelings, disappointment and victories. And discover that we will find the most joy in becoming a true human being in service of others and not only for self interest.

Aegir Ingolfsson shares his story how he changed from a, what he calls, a male chauvenistic pic, into a more kind and loving person.

‘It is truly possible!’ he laughs, ‘I disconnect from old and non serving beliefs. I learned how to reconnect with my true human spirit. Love and kindness.’

Aegir Ingolfsson is a former well known Doctor in dentology who had his practice in Iceland and the United States. Since more then 20 years he is also an active yoga and meditation practicioner and teacher. The last years he specialised himself in Quantum Intelligence and men’s work. With a rough Icelandic background he is a wonderfull and heartfull human being to be around with. His wisdom is an inspiration for all who is interested in personal growth to create a healthy and happy life.

‘I grew up in a context where there were four states of being: angry, drunk, laughter or horny. For years I did not know what to do with feelings. Thinking of it made me almost as if I was to die’

He found a wonderfull practice in Quantum Intelligence. How shifting your life into a new paradigm, the one of love and kindness. He teaches this now to other men throught retreats in Iceland. The next one is in july 2023.

‘With Quantum Intelligence you go to a new level of consciousness. You feel a true connection with all that is around you and you experience the infinite possibilities that you have as a human being on this planet. It turns your paradigm of survival into thriving and creating.’

Aegir spent days in solitude in the forests of the Amazon and the caves of Iceland. In the latest he met all his demons, as he calls them, in complete darkness, with food and with a temperature of -4 degrees Celcius.

‘It is like you become mad! All you demons or emotions you did not see yet or did not want to see, they will come and pay you a visit. The liberation afterwards is indescribable. You find freedom.’.

You get more inspiration and teachings about meditation, solitude and Quantum Intelligence. Looking what a quest can do for you? Join us at Hornstrandir from July 19th till July 23 2023. See you then.

Enjoy, dear listener.

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