#87 Isabelle Gonnissen: Choose Positivity, Choose Life.

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#87 Isabelle Gonnissen. Do you know that negativity sticks longer in your mind? Do you know we tend to believe negative things rather then positivity? How can you change your mindset to a more positive one without forcing it?

With Isabelle Gonnissen we dive into the topic of positivity. Isabelle is the founder of ’30 Days without Complaining’ that celebrates its fifth anniversary in January 2023 and she launched the campaign “Join in and Make a P”. In the meantime, Isabelle wrote 2 books ‘Choose Positive’ and ‘Choose consciously’ about her passion: to be more conscious and to choose for a positive mindset.

Indeed, Isabelle believes that we can actively choose for a positive attitude in life. She is the perfect next guest for the podcast Inspiring Leadership.

‘Knowing what takes energy and what gives you energy is so important. Stop doing things that don’t give you energy. Your personal energymanagement is crucial for a happy life’.

Being surrounded by positive people is another great tool to support you to change your mindset. However you can start by being positive towards others. That’s why Isabelle started the P-sign campaign.

‘By making a P-sign (of Positivity) you get more conscious about what is positive around you. For example when someone brings you a cup of coffee you give a P-sign. In that way you create more positivity in your life and that of others.’

We also talk about how to deal with all the outer negative circumstances.

‘We can not change the outer world. We are responsible for the reaction we give to it. Start to put a small smile on your face and you will feel differently’.

And as dessert we share insigts on how to be and stay in the flow of life!

Thank you very much Isabelle for this beautiful interview.

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