#90: Ted Wallach: ‘Relationships is what thrives us as humans.’

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#90 Ted Wallach. Discover why relationships are what thrives us as humans both professionally as in our personal lives. In the first place the relationship with what we need and what is good for us. To enhance our relations with ourselves and others we need to learn how to communicate in a more profound deep and intimate way. Ted shares his unique insights and wisdom about the evolution of relations in mankind!

In his early years Ted was a movie director and producer in Hollywood, Bollywood, The Middle East and Europe. A global man you could say. After his moviecareer he became the creative director for WeWork to launch social campaigns. He was the CEO of TimeRepublic a global digital time bank were he discovered his passion for guiding colleagues through obstacles and supporting others to reach new heights.

So Ted decided to begin a clinical practice in feeling management and manifestation combining multiple disciplines he had studied over the years (Taoism, Quantum Mechanics, Psychology, Restorative Justice Circles, Design/Systems Thinking) When he became a visiting scolar at Stanfords Peace Innovation lab he dove into the topic of Man and masculinity where he created the Quantum Warrior, an organization to scale the reach of men’s circles and spread the lessons learned from this work. He brought these Circles to the United Nations Global Help Desk .

To get in contact with Ted Wallach please mail; ted@enterportal.se

Get inspired to inspireThank you Ted for sharing your life stories and insights about intuition.

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