#9 Christian Shamani. From footballplayer to leader with a heart!

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From a famous international footballplayer and model to a compassionate leader from the heart. How did Christian transformed a life of materialistic abudance to a life with meaning and consiousness. He did through a tough but joyfull personal travel that has been going on for years now.

He travelled all over the world to discover and learn about ancient and spiritual practices to improve oneself. He learned to life from the heart. He now transmits all his experiences to children and adults, to be an inspiration to find your through inner spark!

Discover an inspirational and empowering man!

Studio Stijn is DE podcast waarin trendsetters en leiders van dit moment hun levensloop met jullie delen. Een podcast boordevol energie en inspiratie voor een wereld in verandering. Voor de leider in verandering

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