#91 James Bampfield: ‘Leaders of the future have to change from homo armor to homo amor!’

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#91 James Bampfield: A deep and inspiring conversation about the true self as a leader of the future. Managers, entrepreneurs and actually every human being needs to find their unique self in order to evolve – from homo armor to homo amor! That is the new story that we need to tackle all the challenges of a world in transformation. Let love rule! 

Now who is James? It a question that he has poundered on In India for 4 days, 18 hours a day… The only answer at the end of that exploration was a blank page. ‘That is the ‘true self’ aspect of me’, James says.

‘When someone asks me how I am doing, I often don’t know what to answer. As a father I might be doing well, but as a friend I might be very sad. We don’t have a genuily unified self

Yet of course in real life, whatever that might be, James studied at Cambridge University travelled the whole world for many years on a personal quest, learning the school of life. At the age of 33 he finally decided he wanted more stability, and started my work as a coach and facilitator, giving workshops and trainings both in organisations and in open format to enhance transformation and chance for a better world with more pleasure.

He is the founder o Quinx, an international consultancy agency. He is a master in meditation, host of the podcast Spirituality for today and co-founder of a very exciting new project The Crossing on which we will talk more.

Leaders of the future need to go through 3 phases. They need to wake up, grow up and show up and this on various areas in life. If they show themselves in the world as who they really are they will succeed in life.

‘Vulnerability is a key element to showing up as a leader. It is often associated with weakness. Yet true vulnarability is leaving behind all fears, shame, rejection…. It does not mean you have to share them to the whole world.’

Vulnerability is not showing or sharing your past, it is showing up in the now. If you have doubts you can share the actual doubt. Still we have to make the decision weather you share this information with others.

James also explains how we can go from homo armor to homo amor as a true guidance for a new life and how The Crossing, an inspiring and transformational event in Holland assist you with that. Furthermore we explore how you as unique self can show up in the world and how you relate to the rest of the world.

‘We don’t stand on ourselves! We need to get out of closed tribe to find solutions for the problems of today’.

To get more information about the crossing: www.thecrossing.be

Thank you James for sharing your beautiful insights and wisdom.

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