#93 Gido Shimanski: ‘Don’t believe everything you think!’

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#93 Gido Shimanski: How can you improve your flow in your professional and personal life? What stops flow in life and how can you overcome these blockages? Why leaders in compagnies or any organisation it is important to be in flow?

Gido has had a fortunate international career on stage and screen as a dancer and actor. He figured in James Bond movies, played leading roles in several Broadway musicals like Cats. Gido now works as an international teacher and coach with senior executives, professional footballers, musical theatre actors and the occasional pop-star.

Gido has worked closely with The Royal Academy of Music in London, The Voice College, as well as Fusion5 Performance in Germany. He was co-founder of The Network for Transformational Leaders and a founding member of The Change Makers.

In recent years Gido has specialised himself in the flow of Life and how you can create your own flow that brings out the best of you.

‘We constantly block ourselves in our growth. I was a good actor, yet a lot of self-sabotage kept me from discovering my true self. So I worked on it for many years. Last year I had the main role in the musical My Fair Lady.

For the the first time in my career I could play the part with a clear role and no judgements in my head. The monkey in my head that called me a fraude disappeared. It was my best performance ever, according to many people’.

Others allways see the greatness in us. Yet we often refuse to see it in ourselve. We stay with our thoughts in the head of others. We do what we think that they think what’s the best for us. Who choose his study because he was advised to do so by the schoolteacher or parents?

How can we be the needle in the compass of our life? Where can we adapt our inner GPS so the destination we set of for will be reached. Gido Shimanski shares beautifull insights in how flow works, how patterns and preconditions in our mind can be changed and how you can really grow as a person!

‘When we get rid of preconditions, hindering thoughts we can get access to our true gutfeeling, our intuïtion, what causes the flow of life’.

Gido explains how ‘forgiveness’ plays an important role in this process. Besides you will learn more about the steps to get more in flow in life!

Thank you so much Gido for your remarkable carrier, your deep insights in personal and global transformation.

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