#94 Prof. Steven Laureys. In this podcast you will learn what meditatin can do for your mental health. What happens with the brain when you meditate? how does meditation help you to more focus and deal with your emotions? How does it help you with your personal and professional leadership?

Steven is a neurologist, neuroscientist, author and keynote speaker, recognised as a leading physician & researcher in human consciousness. With his team, he has published over 560 scientific articles on the workings of our brain and is the author of 6 bestselling popular books including “The No-Nonsense Meditation Book” and The No Nonsense Sleep Book.

Steven explains in a very clear and understandable way the scientific research behind meditation. He encourages everybody to start a meditation practice as it is possible at any age. You just pick a method that suits you. He explains why meditation is so difficult to start with and how you can overcome your monkey mind.

‘In the beginning you get overwhelming thoughts. It is a transition phase, you can overcome it’.

‘Braintraining is essential for your overall health. You can do it in any position of with any methode at any age. Adapt your practise to your body and start small. That way you stay sharp in everyday life.’ explains Steven

Enjoy this new episode of Studio Stijn!

Thank you so much Steven for your remarkable carrier, your deep insights in meditation and human consciousness.

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