#95 Henning R. Jensen: ‘You create your life and Quantum Physics explains how’.

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#95Henning R. Jenssen is an experienced Civil Ingenier and Enterprise Architect working for major compagnies in Denmark. Recently he wrote a bestseller book ‘You create your life’ Quantum physics explains how.

Epigenitics is a new science that states that we are not determined by our genes like we believe. Through our environment we can signal the genes and change them! It is all determined by how we feel and think. So stay out of stress.’

Henning gives lectures for international compagnies over Europe on how Quantum Physics can change not only your life but a complete compagny. Food for thouht for all leaders, CEO, managers and all of us.
In his work he combines his passion for IT/technologie with his love of people and relations.

In is this podcast you will learn in a very straightforward language what Quantum physics is about? He will clarify the work of Einstein, Bohr and others in a very understandeble way. He explains why the way we think is crucial to our lives and how emotions and feelings can support us in our daily life.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibribation or frequency. So if we feel low we are in a low energy and our frequency is low. Consequently we sent out waves in a low energy and low frequency energy of vibes will react. In short, if you are afraight you will atract fear. it is like the dog that smells your fear and therefor will bite you.

We dive into the topic of self-love and how you can help others when you love yourself first.

Thank you very much Henning for your great insights!

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