#98 Loïc De Cannière: ‘Courageous leaders are needed to change the world.’

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#98 Loïc De Cannière. Can money really help to create a better world? What is real authenticity and how is that perceived in the financial world? Can a real purpose make the difference in your life and that of others?

Loic is an impact investment professional. Loic’s main purpose is to improve life and working conditions for people around the globe by making investments that have sustainable and global impact.

‘If you are driven by a real purpose, you can overcome the biggest challenges in life’.

Loïc has an impressive carreer in the financial world as the Chair of the supervisory board of Incofin, a large investment compagny, where he was the CEO for 22 years. Besides, he still is director of the finance trust bank of Uganda. Yet he is also the chair of the board of directors of Cerise STPF a nonprofit organisation dedicated to social and environmental performance management.

‘Economics are here to improve the life of people. Money does not exist to make more money yet it needs to bring happiness, employement and meaning in life.’

He started his career with a bachelor in Philosofy and a master in economics. He is the author of the book: ‘Africa, a dreamed future’. Starting up an own new financial business model at the age of 40 he was challenged many times.

‘It took 7 years before I finally felt, now I am where I want to be. We were closing an investment deal for a microfinancing project with the World Bank and the European Union. Now we were really making impact for the most poorest people in the world! This is my purpose!’

In this podcast, we dive into the topic of money and sustainability. How to make impact in the world? Loïc shares his views on impactfull leadership in a drasticly changing world and how to stay energized and encouraged when challenged.

‘I walk one hour in nature everyday, to contemplate and make my head empty of worries and burdens.’

Enjoy this beautiful and inspiring podcast.


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