#49: Anna Noppen: ‘You can’t create anything without being connected to yourself’.

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Proactively administrate team building supply chains before virtual convergence. Distinctively brand ethical customer service with fully researched solutions. Appropriately conceptualize client-based vortals after perf#49 Ann Noppen Co-Founder of the Embodied Change Institute: ‘You can’t create anything without being connected to yourself’. After a journey in the wild in Africa Ann realized that judging people based on figures was not her path.

Her catharsis was a stay in the hospital with a hyperventilation attack. How is it to follow your true path? To discover your values in life? To be your authentic self? Ann (now a days wants to be called Anna) : ‘Daring to go through pain helps you to grow and achieve what really fits you. Together we can achieve anything’.

From a ‘mind driven’ job within the corporate world Anna started to integrate her mind with her heart, and intuition in her transformation work. The way she manages this, can be discovered in this new episode of Studio Stijn.

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